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Privacy Policy

「GAFU HOSTEL & DINER」 recognizes the importance of the personal information of customers who use this site.We use it only for purposes other than reservation of accommodation and eating and drinking / use of facilities / inquiries / guidance or we will not leak to third parties.

■About personal information protection
About personal information protection 「GAFU HOSTEL & DINER」 (hereinafter referred to as "this site") recognizes the importance of the personal information of customers who use this site and pays utmost attention to the proper handling and management of information. Personal information on this site is information on an individual, and it is a name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. that can identify the individual.

■ Collection of personal information
Collecting Personal Information On this site, we collect customer's personal information in the following cases.
1. When you make a reservation
2. When you contact us

■ Purpose of using personal information
Purpose of using personal information Personal information provided by customers will be used for the following purposes.
1. Business related to customer's reservation (such as reservation of accommodation, use of facility, inquiries etc.)
2. Sending of service guidance to customers by e-mail etc
3. Aggregate and analyze the personal information of many users for the purpose of improving services and prepare statistical materials processed so that individuals can not be identified
4. When necessary to obey for legal obligation
When using personal information outside the scope of the above purpose of use, we will do so after obtaining prior consent from the customer.

■ Provision and disclosure of personal information
Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information. We do not disclose or transfer your personal information to any third party except in the following cases. 1.When obtain prior consent of the customer
2. Based on laws and regulations, when a request for disclosure is made by a public institution such as a court or a police agency

■ About handling personal information
About the handling of personal information We treat the customer's personal information appropriately so as not to cause unauthorized access, leakage, alteration, loss etc.

■ Inquiries concerning personal information
For inquiries regarding the privacy policy of this site, please contact the following people who are in charge of this.

〒612-8056 106-7 Nakaaburakakecho, Fushimi Ward,Kyoto
TEL:+81(0)75-644-5533 / FAX:+81(0)75-644-7008